Homemade Vietnamese yogurt

Why should you bother making your own yogurt?

Because it’s cheap, it’s easy to make, it’s good for your health (no preservative and probiotics effect), and it tastes supper yummy. Also because I grew up eating this and I’m not a fan of yogurts sold in US market (don’t get me wrong, they taste good too, but just different). Continue reading “Homemade Vietnamese yogurt”

Tidy up my bathroom vanity with DIY shelves

Lets start out with how my bathroom shelves used to look:


So messy, so many random stuff lying around, and I didn’t even utilize all the space up on the first shelf (too high for me to reach).

The wire shelf had to go out. I replaced them with wood shelves, prime and paint them myself. I got most of my material at Homedepot. If you don’t want to mess with bare wood, they have primed board which is easier to paint. Each of these shelves (include hardware) costed me roughly $4 since I got used paint for cheap (like $3 for half gallon). Continue reading “Tidy up my bathroom vanity with DIY shelves”

tiny closet – DIY necklace organizer

I have too much jewelry ~~. If you have a thing for necklaces like me, this is a must read. This is so simple to make, costs little and doesn’t take too much time of your weekend.

What you will need:

  • Wood strip: $1.22 per 8ft at Home Depot, cut to size (as long or as short as you want)
  • Cup hooks: $4 a pack of 100 hooks, Home Depot
  • Spray paint: $4 a can, Home Depot, already on hand
  • Drill and drill bits
  • Screws
  • Ruler and marking pencil

Continue reading “tiny closet – DIY necklace organizer”

A decanter for a beautiful bathroom sink

A beautiful display for bathroom essentials

Before I decided to get a tray, all these stuff were scattered all over the sink counter (of course in theirs original containers). The lotion was in a tube, my cotton ball was in a plastic bag, q-tip came in a huge paper box which I got from walmart years ago. They consumed my counter space (which is already small) and made a total mess.

So in my effort to beautifying my little home without spending a huge fortune buying a whole set from big retailer, I use mostly items that I already have. The big tray was from a yard sale for just $5 (yay summer, I love going to community yard sale). Then I store all my little bathroom necessities in small Mason Jars. Continue reading “A decanter for a beautiful bathroom sink”